Heal Cafe


Courtney & Storm

After traveling the globe together for 10 years, they’ve decided to grow roots in St Francis bay.

Courtney, the Chef and passion behind our menu. She’s is an animal loving tree hugging hippie that loves the ocean, walking the nose on her long-board and cooking up a healthy vegan meal that will give a meat dish a run for its money!!!Courtney strives to share the health benefits of a plant based diet, encourages others to live a more conscious lifestyle and to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Storm, the life of the cafe. An ocean loving easy going surfer that is taking a break from his wheelhouse, to help Courtney pursue her dream (how sweet).

Together they created HEAL CAFE. A space to relax, breathe, fill your belly and give back to mother earth :)


Our Barista with a heart of gold. Born in St Francis Bay but grew up and went to school in Humansdorp. Veliswa loves to spend time with her two children and read books. She was trained as a barista by a lady called Pika from Ciro.

If Veliswa could do any job it would be a motivational speaker to young teens. She wants to groom the younger generation, show them their potential and how they can achieve their dreams.


CALL / WHATSAPP: (+27) 64-435-7017